ScoutLook Hunting: Weather アプリのレビュー

Bug fixes

Used to be a great app. Lately I can’t save new locations to check the wind for duck hunting. And there is an add that pops up every time I scroll on the map!


One of the best outdoor apps for hunting, a great tool.👍

ScoutLook is the best

I use ScoutLook for all my hunting in my home state and out of state. I love that I can make notes, view the scent direction, check the weather and much more. This is a great app for all hunters.

So far

So far so good it’s giving me the info that I want. As long as I don’t have to pay fir the site I will continue to use it. Thanks

Love this app

This app is important to my hunts. The scent cone lets me know which way to point my ozonics and which stand or blind is best for that time.

Excellent app

Great for hunting. Great weather app. Great for waterfowl and deer I love the app

Scout look

One stop shop app, love it.

Most Amazing

If you understand the function of this tool , And try this for six weeks, you will truly be amazed at how & what you have been missing, and I really do not have the time to get the full scope Of this app or tool for hunting ,scouting ,hiking, or just marking lines on property, very very amazing, you’ll never be this oriented again.

Works sometimes

Haven’t been super pleased lately with ScoutLook takes extremely long if it loads at all and I rely on this for weather and when I hunt but it’s let me down quite a few times.

Great App

Please move the ads to the bottom portion of the screen but above the map selections. Very annoyed that o can change the type of animal I spotted and want to mark is covered up by a stupid ad. However, this is very versatile for hiking, hunting and seeing the types of terrain to navigate in and around. I hope they keep updating and keep it free.

Excellent for hunting & fishing.

I’ve been using ScoutLook for about five years now after working with two professional full time hunting and fishing guides, NY & AK. The guides used it to scout stand locations using the scent cone. I’m now using the paid version with property lines. I’ve used the scent cone future and have seen a lot more deer. When I started hunting I used to carry a single topo of the area in a handmade waterproof cover. Now I carry scoutlook. Absolutely incredible technology at my fingertips.

Ease of use

I have tried a couple of different apps, ScoutLook is the easiest to use and enter info in the field.


Very handy!!!!

Hunters hunting map

Mark all your spots on the property you are hunting. Where you park to where the tree stands/trail cams are


Just downloaded the free trial for property lines and landowners info. There is no landowner info or info about how to access it. Owner info on all properties I checked said that landowner I go was not available.


Hands down the best App I have ever installed been using it for several years Scoutlook has never let me down!! Awesome hunting tool.


Love it! It can be a little off at times with different views but never ruined a hunt for me. I know exactly where to go (15 stands).

Good def. room for improvement

The sat maps are the best I have seen (so clear) I don’t care for the features though. I like the way onX works better. But the maps and the “scent cone” are amazing

Property lines

Can’t figure it out...???

Wind Direction

Wind direction is key to hunting big bucks. This allows you to view your exact stand and ideal wind direction from your couch.

Pretty good still needs work

Revised 5/19/2018 After my initial frustrations with the sharing feature and customer support I have to admit ScoutLook came through in the end with excellent support. Our problem with the share feature is that I had my buddies first letter in his email capitalized and he had the same with another buddy. Once we corrected this and logged out and in again we were able to find everyone. Now we're ready to go scout our new lease and start setting up stands. Very excited about using this. My buddies and I recently leased several hundred acres and I loved the idea of this app so we could share info on where each other are setting up stands, or other scouting activity. However, I am only able to share with one friend, but not the other. The friend I can't share with is only able to share with me but not the guy I can share with. As you can imagine this is frustrating. I have contacted the company and they suggested making sure the emails are correct in my phone (which they are), and deleting and reinstalling the app. Nothing is working. I have sent two replies to them about how their advice didn't work and have yet to hear back. Even a simple we're working on it or something is better than no reply. Hope there is a fix to this soon before need head out for scouting and setting up stands and blinds.

Great app but!!

But I wish I could get property lines

Ready for turkey season

Love this app so far. It has all the information I want in one location. Functionality is good, easy to use


I updated it now it doesn't work at all

Handy app for scouting and hunting.

I am not really into tech hunting but this app. truly helps me with my choosing stands to hunt in the fall. It also helps me keep a record of roost locations over a season for ol gobblers in the spring. I don’t like to admit it but it has changed the way I hunt. But in a good way so thanks for the app and keep it up.

Not bad for free

The overall app isn’t too bad. It does what it says. The property line features are nice but it’s too expensive. I also use OnX hunts, which I like better. Also you don’t need all 50 states property lines, maybe a cheaper option for those who want just one state. If I could purchase 1 state property lines I would probably stop using OnX hunt.

Great app for weather and wind

Its a great app to check weather and wind conditions before you start out for a day or shorter hunt. I wish the mapping could import/export to google maps. A overall view of a defined area would also be great

So many roads

I hunt in a large area that’s criss crossed with lots of 2 track trails. I like to mark the direction back to where I need to be . Then have notes on my spot. I hunt coyotes and prairie dogs several times a week . With the note part I don’t over hunt an area

ScoutLook Hunt

This is a great app for those that scout any time they get. Nothing is easier than walking in to find sign and being able to save the location within seconds. I’m a firm believer in hunting pinch points for whitetail deer but some produce more than others in different years. This app allows me to make notes on which ones are producing each year.

Update map

Love the app but would appreciate the map being updated up by Lake of the woods Minnesota

Waste of money

This app is useless without cellphone data or reception. I have the upgraded version and it is a waste of money. I had used in two hunts and on one 10 mile scouting trek and these are the results. On the first hunt it did not saved my entire Scoutrex luckily I stayed in a marked trail and was able to return without any issues. Also when your cell losses the signal the map cannot be moved nor zoom in or out . You can only save spots if you have cell signal. During the scouting trek I used the satellite and topo map to navigate and find spots. I realized the images are out of date and the images that I was using were at least a year old or during a very dry year. The satellite showed dry areas and in reality’s I was walking toward a swamp. Also the recording from the scouting trek was saved but when I reviewed the trek it was saved in the middle of the by Africa. Go figure! . During my scouting trek I also used a hiking trail as a back up and was able to return to the main road. It reads the gps signal very strong but again I warn you if you loose phone signal the app is worthless. This is the first negative review ever written by me. I don’t really care for a refund but I will not recommend this app to any of my hunting buddies . Unless the maps are updated regularly and you are able to save data, waypoints, photos, etc... without the need of cell service I won’t re-review the app . I apologize if I sound negative but just want to give an honest review.

Why did my satellite view change not much help with leaves still on the trees


Knowledge is power

This really helps me decide where I’ll go on a particular day and from where I will start my approach. The only downside is the wind moves thru the hills and canyons differently than the prevailing winds. Still it helps me somewhat predict if it will be blowing up canyon or down.

Only 1 problem

Can’t ever find my location is my only issue

Good app but needs simplified

Nice app and good hunting tool the app just needs to be a little more easily navigated.

Deer hunting

No bad. Weather is on the money. Wind is perfect. Like it better than any of the fest I have tried..


Needs to show the creeks on more than just the terrain map


I like the hunt scent cone feature and use it all the time, have watched deer walk into it with and without scent ; prefer Buck Bomb and always plot the cone when I trees or stalking


Worked great till it froze up and wouldn’t take ANY commands. Had to delete and reinstall. Lost all saved locations and tracks.

A amazing app

I use it all the time because it is more right than any other app.

Good but....

It’s a really good app and I have about 30-50 stands on it but there’s one thing... way to many adds, also I would like to add multiple pictures to a stand and be able to view them but I can’t please add this and have less adds.

Best app

Very good some of the tools are difficult to use. Gives outdoorsmen an edge.


Just started using it, so far so good. My son told me about the app, he has had good luck with it

Maybe it works maybe it doesn't

At first I loved the app. Great for our lease with 13 stands and with us being avid hunt by the wind hunters we loved it then one day not just mine but my brothers and fathers stopped working all within 4-5 days of one another's it will open and freeze can't look up our saved locations or even show our location just a map that you can't zoom move or anything we've deleted it re downloaded now just updated my phone re downloaded it and still nothing. Considering 4 of us use or TRY to use it 2 IOS users and 2 android users it's obviously the app but I see great potential and would like it fixed until then 1 star for the idea and practicality it would bring

Never finds my location

The app never finds my location. GPS, WiFi and cellular data are all on yet the program can’t find me. I can only get weather and wind if I know roughly where I am to plot a position. Super annoying when you only get a limited window to hunt due to a busy work schedule and family life. Might try re-installing the app.


I’ve had the app a long time. I haven’t had any problems with it until now. Ever since the last update mine is freezing ever time I try to pull it up.


Love this tool

So impressed

How easy this app works! Stepped up my game for sure!

Scent cone is wrong

Scent cone points in wrong direction

  • send link to app